We Own A Business…

… and it is currently worth nothing, at least if measured in dollars. However, if looking at this in a positive light, I see a foundation to build something spectacular upon. It feels as if I am now partially in control of the reigns that belong to the great life-stallion.

… ¬†seriously, though, I’m writing this while sitting on a Sterilite (yes, Sterilite, a Tupperware knock-off– I can’t even afford real Tupperware) tub, as I can’t afford a desk chair. The foundation discussed above will soon become a hole (as the money required to start a business is non-trivial), and we will be digging like moles on crack in order to see the surface again. Now that my crippling poverty is out of the way, I want to talk about something special: burning shit.

Is there anything you’d really like to burn? Animal Hospitals? Baby seals? Kittens? If the thought of burning baby animals doesn’t appeal to you, then I’m not sure what will… but you can post what you’d like to burn below and we will try to make it happen. When requests are implemented, we will be sure to let you know!