We Need A Name!

It’s been a long while since we last updated the blog, but we have been hard at work here. Since the last update, several other games have been prototyped, other games have been shelved for the time being (Pyro), and one game is nearing completion (the title currently codenamed “Juggle”).

As we prepare to release “Juggle,” we are in need of a name and could use a little help with brainstorming… which is where you come in!

Ok, an explanation of the game mechanics might be in order before choosing a name: the sky is filled with dropping objects (garbage from the tops of skyscrapers, kamikaze monkeys, etc.) and it is the player’s job to protect the pedestrians below from the debris. If the player can’t protect them… well, an explosion of guts and a goo pile is to be expected :) .

If you have any ideas (or need more of an explanation) post and let us know!

EDIT: The columns of the blog are currently cutting off the right side of the images, but I (Jon) am much too lazy to do anything about that right now. Instead, I will offer a link directly to the Picasa album :) .

The Picasa Album:



The title screen:

The Wasteland:


The House:

The House

The Jungle:

The Jungle