Ryan’s Weekend Work

Hey there folks, Ryan here, and I’ve been working on the first level most of the day now, and I just thought I’d pop in and share a bit about what I’ve been doing!

We don’t like the idea of too many boundaries in the game, so we decided to make the levels “spherical”. This means that while the level is not infinite, you will not run into any invisible boundaries, the world will just continue repeating. Jon has had the code for this feature working for awhile, but now we’re moving along into the content creation stage of the game, and we need to take advantage of this!

This means that we need to create levels to be seamless, so that the player cannot get a sense for where the world starts repeating, and thus keeps disbelief suspended. The levels are quite big in actuality, so this is taking some time to do, for the moment I’m starting with a basic world, and improving upon it as I move along, altering it for the needs of object placement and whatnot.

Check out a pic of my current progress below!

Seamless level creation.

I know right now it looks big and empty, but I’ve just developed my workflow to a point where it’s pretty smooth sailing, so hopefully the “terrain” level creation should be mostly completed shortly and we can begin populating all those delicious destructibles!

Have a good night all!