We’re Not Dead (And That’s A Good Thing)

So I decided to go look at this musty old blog and see when the last time we updated was. I was surprised to find that it was actually less than a year. Not much, mind you, but still, less than a year.

Upon learning this, I decided to not let said year come and go. After updating the blog software and installing some anti-spam measures finally, I’ve gotten around to actually writing a post.

What have we been working on this past year? Lots of things, in various phases, but most recently, Dungeon Crawler. To give a quick rundown on this, Dungeon Crawler is pretty much what it sounds like. Head into a dungeon, kill a bunch of monsters, find as much treasure as you can, and probably die in the process. We’re still pretty early in development, but a few systems are in place.

I, personally, have been working a lot on the User Interface. I’ve got inventory management mostly worked out, spell-casting in place, a system for Auras, tooltips, and a few other random systems. It’s coming along nicely, and we should have some fun progress to show in the next few weeks. That is, of course, if we can tear ourselves away from development to update here.

Bug fixes incoming

Hey folks, just a heads up! Once we got a few extra eyes on the live version, a few minor bugs were discovered. When the same 2 eyes have been staring at it for months on end, you tend to get wrapped up in a certain way of thinking.

That being said, fixes are being submitted and Freefall Defender 1.1 is incoming!

Fixes include:
-A bug where bombs stop spawning after a certain time period.
-High scores and Achievements are only reported on hitting the main menu or play again button after a game
-After the update these updates will occur at the end of a game automatically.
-Small fix with GameCenter not automatically logging in under certain circumstances.

Keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, here’s another picture!!


Freefall Defender For Your Purchasing Pleasure

Have you ever thought “Man, these Stone Monkey Studios guys are pretty awesome! I wish I could give them money, but they haven’t given me an easy way to do so! Those bastards.”?

Well now you can!! Well, you can if you have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad at least. (iPad support is not yet native, but it should be playable! probably coming in a future update)

For a suggested (read: mandatory) donation of $.99,  you can rest easily knowing that you’ve done a good deed. Oh, and also, you get our amazing damn game, Freefall Defender! Just click the link below and check it out in the iTunes app store!


We (Still) Need A Name

Ok, as we have had no luck getting any suggestions with the previous blog post, I thought I would give our readers a look at some of the names that are available in the App store:

  • Juggles
  • Jargler
  • Herpderp
  • Herpderpdoo
  • The Plight In Darfur
  • Tacos
  • Horny Housewives
  • Freerfall Defender
  • Terabyte of Titty Fracking
  • Falling Objects
  • Objects That Fall

If you have anything better, please comment on one of the “We Need a Name” posts. If you need an explanation of the game, there is one in the previous post :P . I could explain it again… but laziness has prevailed.

We Need A Name!

It’s been a long while since we last updated the blog, but we have been hard at work here. Since the last update, several other games have been prototyped, other games have been shelved for the time being (Pyro), and one game is nearing completion (the title currently codenamed “Juggle”).

As we prepare to release “Juggle,” we are in need of a name and could use a little help with brainstorming… which is where you come in!

Ok, an explanation of the game mechanics might be in order before choosing a name: the sky is filled with dropping objects (garbage from the tops of skyscrapers, kamikaze monkeys, etc.) and it is the player’s job to protect the pedestrians below from the debris. If the player can’t protect them… well, an explosion of guts and a goo pile is to be expected :) .

If you have any ideas (or need more of an explanation) post and let us know!

EDIT: The columns of the blog are currently cutting off the right side of the images, but I (Jon) am much too lazy to do anything about that right now. Instead, I will offer a link directly to the Picasa album :) .

The Picasa Album:



The title screen:

The Wasteland:


The House:

The House

The Jungle:

The Jungle