It’s [Almost] Official!

Today Ryan and I officially submitted the LLC registration for Stone Monkey Studios LLC! With this comes the joy of turning everything into a tax deduction: rent? hell, it’s partially a business, write part of that off; new computer? new hardware is imperative for development of cutting edge titles; a cat? R&D, specifically in the area of feline locomotion.

Ok, enough about my plans to defraud the government– there are more important matters to expound upon. Thus far, Ryan and I have been working with the free version of Unity3D which, while powerful, is lacking some features that we will require further on in development (such as the ability to build the project for the iOS). After the great state of Washington (hopefully) processes our LLC registration, we will be purchasing Unity Pro with the iPhone addon for approximately 1500 dollars (which, by the way, is tax deductible).

We will update as soon as the registration is officially accepted. As for me, I’m off to see if “business hookers” are tax deductible.