The Fall of Mister Wily

The Fall of Mister Wily is a game that was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 25. The theme for the game jam was “You’re the Villain”, with a side theme of “Goats”. I won’t tell you much about it here, as the game is short, and pretty self-explanatory.

Our ratings for the game were as follows (out of about 400 entries into the jam):
#3 Humor(Jam) – 4.25 (Bronze Medal)
#3 Overall(Jam) – 4.09 (Bronze Medal)
#3 Fun(Jam) – 4.02 (Bronze Medal)
#5 Theme(Jam) – 4.32
#9 Mood(Jam) – 4.02
#10 Innovation(Jam) – 4.03
#48 Graphics(Jam) -4.07
#87 Audio(Jam) – 3.31

The team for this jam was:
Ryan Nohr – Code
Jon Rasmussen – Art
Nick Amlag – Art
Akash Thakkar – Composer/Sound Design

The official Ludum Dare page for our game can be found here.

Download/Play the latest build of the game below:

OSX    Windows    Web (Kongregate)

Or look at some pretty pictures!