The Fall of Mister Wily

Hey there!

We made another game! It created in 72 hours for the 25th Ludum Dare Game Jam. The team was me (Ryan), Jon, and our friends Nick and Akash. We ranked quite highly in all categories, and were voted #3 overall. It was pretty nifty.

Now, go play the game!

OSX    Windows    Web (Kongregate)

Or you can look at some pretty pictures of it.

Redbeard Builds For All!

Updated versions of our Ludum Dare #23 game jam entry (Redbeard the Borrower) are now available here in Windows, Mac, and web flavors! Fellow Ludum Dare entrants, please check one of these out for the best Redbeard experience (the official Ludum Dare entries are still available on our Ludum Dare entry page, but you probably got to this page from there…).


  • Added joystick support for Windows and Mac.
  • Updated the splash screen with sweet visuals and information on the new control schemes.
  • Changed the player camera!
  • Human AI fixes (now the detection ray is cast from the head and he can no longer spot the character out of his buttocks).