This Week In City Quest – 4/5/13

Hey folks! This week there was a lot more story work, and a lot of time with business stuffs. We’ve got most of our kickstarter sorted, but we need to finish the demo and trailer before we post!

We do have a few things to show off, though!

First off, we started implementing a “Classic Mode”. What’s an old-school pc game without some old-school pc charm! Really really liking the way this is going.

More silly animations! Sorry for the low quality of the video, recording on my laptop.

We’ve also got a few new scenes to show off!

Flower Shop

A View from the Bridge

Grocery Store

Imgur Album

We also made a deal with Akash Thakkar for some inevitably crazy awesome trailer music and a few more sound effects than are in there now :)

Thats all for now boys and girls!

Last Week in City Quest

Hmm, I think it’s about time to start writing weekly progress reports. Seems like a good play, yes? I’m going to knock out the past two weeks tonight, but then I’ll try to keep up on a weekly basis!

Last week was lots of story/setup things, and lots of research for our upcoming Kickstarter project.

We did put together an image with many of the current characters that are in the game, so have a look!

City Quest Characters

We’ve also been trying to work out what we wanted to do for cursors. Our low resolution made a lot of options look pretty bad. In the end we went back to our sources and came up with this!


New Cursor

Since there’s been a lot of writing, I figured I’d toss out a shot of our current word/character count. This is minus all the database’s xml tags, and is mostly story/interaction text.

Words Words Words!

Imgur Album

We also gave a short talk this week at a local Unity meetup, and tossed out the slides for anyone who’s interested.

2D in Unity3D: The City Quest Solution!

That’ll be all for now, folks!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Ryan here! I’ve finally made it to Redmond, and Stone Monkey Studios would like to announce a new project! Don’t worry, Pyro is still in the works, but devoted as we are, it’s nice to have something else to work on to keep us sane, and to keep projects fresh!

Without further ado, I present you City Quest!!

Miss the days where a death means you start over from the beginning? Especially when death was lurking around the corner, and the only way to know how to avoid it was by dying on a previous runthrough? Well we did too, except this time, we’re the ones dreaming up the cruel deaths and snarky comments after!

Keep your eye out for it, it shouldn’t be too lengthy of a production as we’re rocking it old school style!

Look! A Picture!