Redbeard Builds For All!

Updated versions of our Ludum Dare #23 game jam entry (Redbeard the Borrower) are now available here in Windows, Mac, and web flavors! Fellow Ludum Dare entrants, please check one of these out for the best Redbeard experience (the official Ludum Dare entries are still available on our Ludum Dare entry page, but you probably got to this page from there…).


  • Added joystick support for Windows and Mac.
  • Updated the splash screen with sweet visuals and information on the new control schemes.
  • Changed the player camera!
  • Human AI fixes (now the detection ray is cast from the head and he can no longer spot the character out of his buttocks).

Bug fixes incoming

Hey folks, just a heads up! Once we got a few extra eyes on the live version, a few minor bugs were discovered. When the same 2 eyes have been staring at it for months on end, you tend to get wrapped up in a certain way of thinking.

That being said, fixes are being submitted and Freefall Defender 1.1 is incoming!

Fixes include:
-A bug where bombs stop spawning after a certain time period.
-High scores and Achievements are only reported on hitting the main menu or play again button after a game
-After the update these updates will occur at the end of a game automatically.
-Small fix with GameCenter not automatically logging in under certain circumstances.

Keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, here’s another picture!!


Freefall Defender For Your Purchasing Pleasure

Have you ever thought “Man, these Stone Monkey Studios guys are pretty awesome! I wish I could give them money, but they haven’t given me an easy way to do so! Those bastards.”?

Well now you can!! Well, you can if you have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad at least. (iPad support is not yet native, but it should be playable! probably coming in a future update)

For a suggested (read: mandatory) donation of $.99,  you can rest easily knowing that you’ve done a good deed. Oh, and also, you get our amazing damn game, Freefall Defender! Just click the link below and check it out in the iTunes app store!

We Need A Name!

It’s been a long while since we last updated the blog, but we have been hard at work here. Since the last update, several other games have been prototyped, other games have been shelved for the time being (Pyro), and one game is nearing completion (the title currently codenamed “Juggle”).

As we prepare to release “Juggle,” we are in need of a name and could use a little help with brainstorming… which is where you come in!

Ok, an explanation of the game mechanics might be in order before choosing a name: the sky is filled with dropping objects (garbage from the tops of skyscrapers, kamikaze monkeys, etc.) and it is the player’s job to protect the pedestrians below from the debris. If the player can’t protect them… well, an explosion of guts and a goo pile is to be expected :) .

If you have any ideas (or need more of an explanation) post and let us know!

EDIT: The columns of the blog are currently cutting off the right side of the images, but I (Jon) am much too lazy to do anything about that right now. Instead, I will offer a link directly to the Picasa album :) .

The Picasa Album:



The title screen:

The Wasteland:


The House:

The House

The Jungle:

The Jungle

Our First Release!

Hey folks! Guess what?!
Stone Monkey Studios is proud to announce the release of our first game!
The game is called Nines, and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store! (iPod/iPhone only at the moment).
Here’s a linky:



Ladies and Gentlemen, Ryan here! I’ve finally made it to Redmond, and Stone Monkey Studios would like to announce a new project! Don’t worry, Pyro is still in the works, but devoted as we are, it’s nice to have something else to work on to keep us sane, and to keep projects fresh!

Without further ado, I present you City Quest!!

Miss the days where a death means you start over from the beginning? Especially when death was lurking around the corner, and the only way to know how to avoid it was by dying on a previous runthrough? Well we did too, except this time, we’re the ones dreaming up the cruel deaths and snarky comments after!

Keep your eye out for it, it shouldn’t be too lengthy of a production as we’re rocking it old school style!

Look! A Picture!

Some pretty pictures!

Hey folks, Ryan here, I’ve been working most of the day, getting some things nice and tidy and sprucing up the start of the first level, it’s going well! Here’s some fresh pictures for ya’ll!

Ryan’s Weekend Work

Hey there folks, Ryan here, and I’ve been working on the first level most of the day now, and I just thought I’d pop in and share a bit about what I’ve been doing!

We don’t like the idea of too many boundaries in the game, so we decided to make the levels “spherical”. This means that while the level is not infinite, you will not run into any invisible boundaries, the world will just continue repeating. Jon has had the code for this feature working for awhile, but now we’re moving along into the content creation stage of the game, and we need to take advantage of this!

This means that we need to create levels to be seamless, so that the player cannot get a sense for where the world starts repeating, and thus keeps disbelief suspended. The levels are quite big in actuality, so this is taking some time to do, for the moment I’m starting with a basic world, and improving upon it as I move along, altering it for the needs of object placement and whatnot.

Check out a pic of my current progress below!

Seamless level creation.

I know right now it looks big and empty, but I’ve just developed my workflow to a point where it’s pretty smooth sailing, so hopefully the “terrain” level creation should be mostly completed shortly and we can begin populating all those delicious destructibles!

Have a good night all!

We Own A Business…

… and it is currently worth nothing, at least if measured in dollars. However, if looking at this in a positive light, I see a foundation to build something spectacular upon. It feels as if I am now partially in control of the reigns that belong to the great life-stallion.

…  seriously, though, I’m writing this while sitting on a Sterilite (yes, Sterilite, a Tupperware knock-off– I can’t even afford real Tupperware) tub, as I can’t afford a desk chair. The foundation discussed above will soon become a hole (as the money required to start a business is non-trivial), and we will be digging like moles on crack in order to see the surface again. Now that my crippling poverty is out of the way, I want to talk about something special: burning shit.

Is there anything you’d really like to burn? Animal Hospitals? Baby seals? Kittens? If the thought of burning baby animals doesn’t appeal to you, then I’m not sure what will… but you can post what you’d like to burn below and we will try to make it happen. When requests are implemented, we will be sure to let you know!


Project Pyro

So, I thought I’d toss you all a little info on our current project. I like to call it Pyro, I’m not sure we really have a codename for it, but that’s what I call it.

Have you ever wanted to just burn shit? No? Stop judging me. Well, despite your quiet criticisms, I think you’ll get a kick out of this anyway. This is a game where you run around burning stuff. I don’t care what it is, it may be a house, a stopsign, or a puppy, I assure you, everything burns and consequently explodes equally in this game.

Find a sexy recent screenshot below!