Some pretty pictures!

Hey folks, Ryan here, I’ve been working most of the day, getting some things nice and tidy and sprucing up the start of the first level, it’s going well! Here’s some fresh pictures for ya’ll!

Ryan’s Weekend Work

Hey there folks, Ryan here, and I’ve been working on the first level most of the day now, and I just thought I’d pop in and share a bit about what I’ve been doing!

We don’t like the idea of too many boundaries in the game, so we decided to make the levels “spherical”. This means that while the level is not infinite, you will not run into any invisible boundaries, the world will just continue repeating. Jon has had the code for this feature working for awhile, but now we’re moving along into the content creation stage of the game, and we need to take advantage of this!

This means that we need to create levels to be seamless, so that the player cannot get a sense for where the world starts repeating, and thus keeps disbelief suspended. The levels are quite big in actuality, so this is taking some time to do, for the moment I’m starting with a basic world, and improving upon it as I move along, altering it for the needs of object placement and whatnot.

Check out a pic of my current progress below!

Seamless level creation.

I know right now it looks big and empty, but I’ve just developed my workflow to a point where it’s pretty smooth sailing, so hopefully the “terrain” level creation should be mostly completed shortly and we can begin populating all those delicious destructibles!

Have a good night all!

We Own A Business…

… and it is currently worth nothing, at least if measured in dollars. However, if looking at this in a positive light, I see a foundation to build something spectacular upon. It feels as if I am now partially in control of the reigns that belong to the great life-stallion.

… ¬†seriously, though, I’m writing this while sitting on a Sterilite (yes, Sterilite, a Tupperware knock-off– I can’t even afford real Tupperware) tub, as I can’t afford a desk chair. The foundation discussed above will soon become a hole (as the money required to start a business is non-trivial), and we will be digging like moles on crack in order to see the surface again. Now that my crippling poverty is out of the way, I want to talk about something special: burning shit.

Is there anything you’d really like to burn? Animal Hospitals? Baby seals? Kittens? If the thought of burning baby animals doesn’t appeal to you, then I’m not sure what will… but you can post what you’d like to burn below and we will try to make it happen. When requests are implemented, we will be sure to let you know!


It’s [Almost] Official!

Today Ryan and I officially submitted the LLC registration for Stone Monkey Studios LLC! With this comes the joy of turning everything into a tax deduction: rent? hell, it’s partially a business, write part of that off; new computer? new hardware is imperative for development of cutting edge titles; a cat? R&D, specifically in the area of feline locomotion.

Ok, enough about my plans to defraud the government– there are more important matters to expound upon. Thus far, Ryan and I have been working with the free version of Unity3D which, while powerful, is lacking some features that we will require further on in development (such as the ability to build the project for the iOS). After the great state of Washington (hopefully) processes our LLC registration, we will be purchasing Unity Pro with the iPhone addon for approximately 1500 dollars (which, by the way, is tax deductible).

We will update as soon as the registration is officially accepted. As for me, I’m off to see if “business hookers” are tax deductible.

Project Pyro

So, I thought I’d toss you all a little info on our current project. I like to call it Pyro, I’m not sure we really have a codename for it, but that’s what I call it.

Have you ever wanted to just burn shit? No? Stop judging me. Well, despite your quiet criticisms, I think you’ll get a kick out of this anyway. This is a game where you run around burning stuff. I don’t care what it is, it may be a house, a stopsign, or a puppy, I assure you, everything burns and consequently explodes equally in this game.

Find a sexy recent screenshot below!

Stone Monkey Studios Blog now Open!

Hey folks, Ryan Here! I’d like to welcome you to Stone Monkey Studios. For those of you who aren’t aware, we are a small, upstart video game studio, currently based out of Seattle, WA (even tho I’m still in Wisconsin).

Here we shall be offering information and updates about our production, projects, and whatever else we find interesting!

Check back often to see how we’re coming along!